Thursday, September 6, 2007

A vibrant Woman

Hillary Clinton while describing her assistant Huma..


She has the energy of a woman in 20s,the confidence of a

woman in30s,the experience of a woman in her 40s,the grace of a woman in her 50s. She is timeless,her

combination of poise,kindness and intelligence are matchless,and I am lucky to have had her on my team...


I thought this description of a woman was splendid but then I think every woman falls in this category of

description and if only the husbands realised this, every family would be living and leading a wonderful life !!



Joy said...

Hi CU,

I dont think all the qualities will be seen in a single women.Each woman is unique in her own way and no one is perfect.More over each person has many personalities, shows one depending on the situation and surroundings.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi Joy,

Sure uniqueness is unique to the doubt about that. perhaps thats one reason for menfolk to eternally be trying to solve that puzzle called WOMAN..but its fun all the way and keeps the suspence on throughout the life.
well I went thru it so do others !!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Wow, beautiful description :)

Aarthi said...

Did you realize this before and have you appreciated women in ur family...esp ur wife?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Yes always.I always believed that thers a female logic and male logic.For anything to be successful both have to come together.Its never complete merely with one.Wellas regards my wife,She was a wonderful being and I fell in love with her for that and continue to do so !

Aarthi said...

I'm really happy to see your reply..coz ppl seldom realize one's greatness when they r alive..and regret after they lose them.