Tuesday, February 26, 2013

விட்டு விடு....Let It Go !!

விட்டு விடு !!

ஒரு காட்டாற்றை சொந்தமாக்க நினைத்தேன்

தவறு என்னுடையது தான்.

{ Rough Translation.....I wanted to own a Brook,,,mistake is mine }

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Cuckoo s Feast

                                              A DRAGON FLY ENJOYING THE SUN

                                                       MOUTH WATERING

                                           A CUCKOO TOO IS INTENTLY WATCHING

                                             SHIFTED ITS POSITION AND WAITING

                                                                EXPLORING OUT
                                                                  CAUGHT HIM
                              ( LOOK AT THE WAY THE CUCKOO TWISTS HIS HEAD ! )

                                              SAFELY HELD IN ITS BEAK



Sunday, October 14, 2012

What A Sunday

Sunday or no Sunday ,I go up to terrace to feed the crows, a habit of many years..The crows by now used to my this action perch up as soon as I open the door..Today two things happened ..Firstly I wanted to capture some moments with them on my camera..and oops not one crow was ready to grab the morsels of food I offer them...hmm...any how I placed the food and plonked myself to click away..after sometime one fella landed up and the second thing which happened..read on...
SUSPICIOUS...Hmm...At What I was holding in my hand...
What the Hell this guy is doing..crow looks asking
Anyhow let me go ahead with my Breakfast
As I lowered my camera and Looked up ::Whats this cat doing up on the Roof , I wonder
Aaha..Now I know why only one crow came for the rice I offer..there seems to be something for which they are waiting for..up there on the roof
Cat disturbed by Me..I wonder
Alert!!!Something in the Air !!Was it he ( the cat ) or they waiting for !!!
There he comes..my Breakfast, I almost heard the cat saying... Suddenly I remembered ,this morning I didnt hear or see my friend Squirrel at all...oh that means our friends ..cat and the crows are wanting to feast on the squirrel..predators..should I feel sad or thats the law of nature..Hmm
Now the cat was saying "let me not Hurry "
Oh my ,where did he vanish ..cat seemed to say
That instant, realising perhaps the Squirrel had slipped away, the second crow landed on my terrace for the leftover food
Can I or Cant't I
Suddenly the cat looked up at me and seemed to say" Hey man, so you are cause for my distraction"
Now ,what to do..the Breakfast seems to have slipped away
Its all because of you
What a Day, a Sunday at that..saying that the cat started moving away
A good twenty minutes later, as if nothing ever happened that sunday morning..I found the Sqirrel back on the Tree..Breakfast with Berries..what a life

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Many A StoryLine In Life Go Like This


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hats off !!

They are lying on the steel wires, just like wooden planks which just got washed away, forming a human bridge to enable people to crawl over their bodies and cross the stream to safety

No one other than the indian armed forces has ever done, or will ever do, such a good job !!

Army jawans providing relief during the recent sikkim earthquake.

Long live the Indian Army.

This has been forwarded by my cousin Raghu ,I couldnt resist but post this. This is my 50 th post and it couldnt be better

Sunday, July 31, 2011

As the clock ticked away...

Friday ,the 29th of july , we landed at IGI airport from Jammu. Time 4 PM. Since we had about 3 and a half hours in hand before our onward journey to Chennai , my son & my colleague wanted to make a quick dash to Sarojini market. So left to myself checked in & then my feet started moving towards the Cookie shop .Sometimes the Sweet tooth takes over the motor control of the brain ,I guess. Selecting a piece with a very high calorie content I settled in one of the chairs in the remote corner.

Suddenly all hell broke loose.

A Bomb disposal squad bus halted outside & Through the gate next to me, Jawans trooped in by dozens .About 10 jawans quickly cordoned off the Check in counters .Another group of jawans with Two trained dogs took position ,very close to me.I froze & my already opened mouth could not take the bite off the cookie though it was tantalisingly close .

One jawan was the focus of the other jawans & I realised that he was going to defuse the bomb. Out at a distance near the checkin counter ,I could see a Trolley & on it a Blue suitcase . So that must be the culprit ,the Sherlock Homes in me thought .

GhanShyam ( GS )was his name & he looked around with all calmness. How could he. He was going near the most dangerous thing & that nature of his, simply was amazing, keeping his cool.In no time his four colleagues put on his special suit & finally a white cloth on his head before putting on the helmet & the Visor.With Small steps he was walking towards the box with all sort of Gadgets in his hand. He was scanning the suitcase with a handheld device & at the Same time from the cables which were running from his suit another team was connecting it to monitors & watching it intently. Some communication between them & Ghanshyam slowly started walking back & as soon he came close they removed his helmet & the white cloth was so wet with his sweat, they had to change it.

Next the the two trained dogs were taken to sniff the suitcase & for some reason they went close but sort of refused to sniff . It was strange I thought. Maybe out of disappointment ,the Jawans again wanted Ghanshyam to go to the suitcase ,with a some sort of xray machine . Maybe they suspected something which the dogs could not sniff. Again GS walked towards the suitcase & positioned the machine. He had to do that several times till the Jawan monitoring the Laptop could be happy with the images obtained. A senior jawan was monitoring the time &; he was looking a little tense . Perhaps he knew time was running out. I looked at my watch & it said 10 mts to Six. Would these guys normally program it to go off at fixed time like 6 or would they time it random.Again ,me the Sherlock was at work .

Anyhow ,now it looked like the diagnosis was complete & they were moving big steel boxes close to the suitcase ,slightly away from our sight. Suddenly I saw two senior officers rushing in & the jawans came to attention. From my NCC experience I knew one was a captain ,tall ,agile & every bit of his body telling that he was a highly trained Commando , stern but with a smile in his eyes. Avinash was his name.

He quickly went thru the diagnosis on the laptop & after quick exchanges with the Jawans ,looked at GS & gave him the thumbs up signal.

GS was handed over a long rope ,which he had to hook on the suitcase & tug it in to the steel trunk.Pin drop silence everywhere . He tugged once ,twice ,the suitcase wouldnt budge. All eyes on GS & Avinash . What next. With the same glint in his eyes Captain Avinash exchanged Quick glances with GS & rope was unhooked. GS was handed over a 6 feet pole with a hook.It meant he had to physically lift it up like fishing. It would be dangerous. Rope was at least 20 feet long,but now he would be much closer to the evil designs.

Gently GS lifted the suitcase & carried it towards the Big steel trunk kept further away from us & gently placed it in ,to everyones relief ,so far so good.He gently closed the Trunk & started moving away. All of us couldnt help but clap hands & Bharath Mata ki Jai was resounding everywhere. It was a proud moment , I thought. GS removed his helmet ,again profusely sweating & the team quietly went about packing their gadgets.

People were patting Ghanshyam & the team. Avinash continued to have the glint in his eyes as the team was getting ready to move.All the eyes focussed on these brave guys.

In the melle ,I almost lost my balance & fell on the floor & dropped my cookie. As I lifted up myself ,at the distance Did I see a jawan lift the Suitcase out of the Steel trunk ,with bare hands. More jostling & again when I saw that corner the Jawans & the steel trunk were missing. Did I imagine ? Was it a Routine practice of Bomb disposal? Did the Jawans know of it ? Then why was GS sweating so much ? Was it the reason Avinash had a smile in his eyes ? How does it matter ,I am proud of my Jawans .

I waited for my son & colleague to return. But ,didnt know What to share with them!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a Raja & A Raja's

Generally I am not into politics but being an Indian how can I not follow politics & get triggered by it. Oxymoron stuff !!

Ours is a Strange country , full of Paradoxes which makes life a lot more interesting ,talking useless nothings.For we are Indians ,we take life as it comes & move on leaving everything to destiny ,if at all one such thing exists.

There is a Raja who sits on over One Lakh crore worth of treasure ,knowing fully well if it is transferred to Swiss bank none will know & for generations they simply have to have a laid back attitude & fooling people in the National game called Politics .But they chose to do business on Pepper & other such spices, since that was the directive given to them centuries back .

And then there is A. Raja who knew exactly where the pile of One lakh crore was & ensured it was siphoned off to far away lands & himself lands in Tihar, perhaps for few days or months ,till the heat subsides ,for our focus will be turned away by our own Hyper active TRP driven channels ,many of which have been mouth pieces of many A Rajas & their Bosses.

National debates on so called National channels will ensure the One lakh crore treasure ,which the "POOR " Raja has been safe gaurding for centuries, is Brought into the SAFE hands of Politicians who will ensure ,they are kept safe , but in Switzerland or in some obscure island .They will also get huge support from New fad of Candle light bearing brigade ,who will contribute more carbon to the atmosphere & add money to the coffer of candle manufacturers

Let me conclude saying he is not a Raja but The Raja ,who safe guards public property as Public property.Hats off, Travancore Rajas

long live India , mera Bharath mahan