Monday, June 30, 2008

From The Land Of Rising Son to Rising Sun..1

I was all set to leave for the Land of Rising Sun on 27th June,directly into Fukuoka on the western extreme of the country.Since it was going to be a trip of 10 days I asked my sons if they could come over and take care of my mother, who was close to 80's ,in my absence.Both were terribly happy that a responsible father like me was actually asking them to BUNK classes.

And then one of them had a bright idea, why not I take Patti(grandma)for a medical check up.That sounded good to me and we decided to take her on 24th june to one of the top hospitals in the city for a master check up.

Dot at 630 AM on that day ,the dutiful son (thats me & what else can a Indian son be ! )drove down to the hospital and presented the details to the counter.Looked around,I had a beaming face,we were the first.It reminded meof Mr Bean Fateplayed its perfect role.The counter guy told me ,since it was going to take about 6 hours,why not I go though the test as well. why not ? The question raced through my head & after all the payment is through the card. YESthat was my spontaneous reaction.ZIP ,the card swiped I had two files in my hand,one for my mother& one for me.Pretty good salesmanship I thought of counter guy.

Second floor please,we were ushered in,a la five star culture.Efficiency being the watchword,room after room we were herded in oops usherd in.It started off with big Aahh when the needle was poked in for fasting sugar test.( its a different matter that many looked at me funnily for the big Aahh I let out,who cares !)ECG done,I walked into a semi dark room where they said ECHO would be done.I was made to lie down & for some time nothing happened and then the girl suddenly put the probe where my heart is supposed to be.Suddenly I heared as if a railway engine had entered the room.Startled,when I looked up the face of the girl,she gave a sweet smile saying it was my heart making that roar.Hmm, a lion in me I thought.

Next was the ultrasound of my stomach.The guy who was operating it was 6 and a half foot of a Doc,who was also perhaps part time into into WWF or was it the other way !
This guy held the probe as if he was holding a mace in his hand.The next second he pushed it so hard on my tummy ,my usual yell didnt desert me.He moved the probe up/down & sideways and watching the monitor very closely.He mumbled 'its moving'.I thought he said that to me.No, it was addressed to the girl who was also apperently present in the room.Why should all these test rooms be dark I wonder.

Sir ( this time it was definitely to me ) why dont you drink few glasses of water and come.This big stomach of mine which can down few gallons of beer,whats few glasses.

In 20 minutes i was back in the room and Six footer was eagerly waiting for me.But why ?

Again the same thump of probe on my tummy,I screamed,it was really painfull.

Sir its confirmed.The stone is rolling.

I replied "no friend the group is called Rolling Stones ".

That I know Sir,but in this case the stone is rolling dangerously in your stomach and not on the stage !!You need to get admitted immediately and perhaps be operated.

What nonsense,this guy must be nuts.I gave him the sweetest smile I could and wanted to escape from this WWF Doctor.Clutching the report I strolled out as if nothing ever happened.Mr Bean again !

My mother too had completed all the tests.As I walked towards the reception a flash of a pain streaked across my Beer belly or was it my imagination !!Every step I took I realised something was wrong in me.Took my mind off.Went down to the parking lot with my mother in tow & reached home .Changed to my uniform & got ready to leave for the factory.the FLASH reappeared from no where and this time it became unbearable.Oh my Japan Trip & all the appointments lined up also flashed past,but in my head !!
Now What !!

JAPAN are you hearing !!