Monday, September 29, 2008

The Difference is...

Suparna :I always wanted to ask you ,Rajesh,Is Mamallan your fathers name

Rajesh Mamallan :Why do you ask that dear ?

Suparna : I heard you South Indians generally carry your fathers names first alphabet as your initials

Rajesh : Oh come on,you and your knowledge on South Indians,thats only with few communities...mine is...why dont you simply refer to google

Suparna : come on show off,she retorted, Why dont you simply spell it out..(She loved that haughtiness of Rajesh )

Rajesh : well it would say,Mamallan means a great wrestler and it would also say he built..

and before Rajesh could complete Suparna could realise he belonged to the great family who built the famous...

Suparna : you are a blue blooded rascal

Both laughed at it and slowly moved towards their respective hostels. Suparna was being transferred to different city and would badly miss Rajesh's company.But she was not sure if he would miss her. Rajesh too was very fond of her and didnt know if he was in love with her.

The weekend they wanted to be in each others company, and one thing led to the other and..

Two days later Suparna was leaving and Rajesh dropped her off at the airport.

Sms ,emails were keeping them in touch & one day Suparna called up Rajesh

Suparna : Rajesh, doctor just now confirmed, I thought I should share it with you

Rajesh : You should have been careful Suparna.You know all these are complicated.

Even at his insensitive outburst Suparna was only enjoying his impulsive behaviour.

Suparna : Now Rajesh, and before she could complete,

Rajesh blurted it out : wash it off sweetheart

It was a heart wrenching silence from Suparna

After this incidence, though they were in touch , it was icy and still Suparna couldnt take her mind off him. Rajesh was married off in their traditional manner with another blue blood family.

Years rolled by, Suparna moved over to London & Rajesh had a chance to pass by it.
Suparna invited him over for a dinner.Moving up in life in just 10 years time, she had bought a mansion of a house. Rajesh was taken aback by her affluence ,which he could never imagine despite his background.

Relaxing in their sit out and catching up with old times and suddenly they found themselves relaxed,though not totally.

Rajiv, come here and introduce yourself, Suparna suddenly exclaimed

Good evening sir, I am Rajiv, after a pause, Rajiv Mamallan, said the young boy ,all of 10 years

Rajeshs' jaw dropped


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Varieties of Hues and a Rainbow


Kaushik knew he had hit the purple patch of his life.He had been offered the receptionist job in a prestigious multi divisional organisation.Manimeghalai alias Megha,his colleague, was soon his best friend turned into his fiancee and finally his wife .

A happy life they were leading,Megha explaining the various hues of life so beautifully that even the colours of anger ,jealousy soon became colours to be appreciated.She used to joke what was life without a bit of jealousy or anger.Afterall they were like pickles in a multi course meal without which even the best of food would be insipid

Kaushik could visualise each of them and together they used to laugh about the colours.Even though Pink & Gray were her favourite colours and his Blue & Brown,they realised that their favourites were shifting constantly like the Dancing dunes Of Jaisalmer.Perhaps, that was the moods of life, getting depicted.

One day as Kaushik sat beside her & held her hands he knew soon her vibrant Rainbow VIBGYOR colours would merge as a white light and she would be gone.He also knew she faced it all with a smile and her only worry was leaving him to lead a life of his own.Her whispering words were the last he heard and she was gone in a moment.

13 years later, on this 13th day of September,Kaushik sat wondering as to why Megha never told him about the colour of life he would be leading in his life,without her.