Sunday, December 28, 2008


Its going to be two years dear,whispered Akash into Aparnas ears.

Hmm,thats going to be long time,its going to be one hell, missing you already.

and Akash added::this time communication is going to be diffucult too,I am going up there,where its going to be 24 hours of duty.

You mean facing our neighbours, Aparna asked

Yes hun & its going to be CI,Counter Intelligence & so may have to move across the border too couple of times.

She knew Akash was waiting for an opportunity like this & would have opted for this move.Without him it was going to be tough managing life.Even in Chennai,many a times Chats,SMS,off liners,and rare calls used to keep them going. Such was their situation.Akash was everything to her, always bringing cheer to her.In the same way,Aparna gave so much of balance & solace in the tough life he was leading.

Dhruv was 3 years old and Aparajith just 1. Managing both was fun but demanding,but being a home maker she could handle it well.Akash always encouraged her to do higher studies and perhaps take up a job too. He had very high regard for her capabilities but Aparna was clear ,nothing ,till the younger one was 3 & ready for school.

Akash went off to the border & time started moving at its own pace. So their communication was more of sms & calls rare. Being in operation Akash had strictly told her no calls from her & he would only call.And unfortunately due to the nature of his job,calls were tough to make.

In those rare moments of togetherness on the phone,they just used to pour out. Akash was a very considerate human always giving his ears to Aparna ,listening to all her problems & of course give her enough encouragement to face life.Always his words were soothing & Aparna was relieved of all her tensions by merely talking to him.Their good morning sms with a lot of sweet nothings would run for few pages, if printed.These sms became a sort of addiction & a competition as to who would be the first to send morning sms !

Meanwhile Aparna joined a school as a teacher & Aparajith was enrolled in the same school. Akash was happy for her & was sure this would give her the necessary diversion from the mundane life she was leading.She had also told him of her school being strict & it was no no for mobiles. She would always sms him after return from school, after 4 pm.

It was 230 in the afternoon ,Akash's mobile rang ,call was from Aparna. He didn't pick it up as he was in a meeting. Second time, third time..Akash was worried .School time,still a call from her ! She wouldn't be calling repeatedly unless it was an emergency. He excused himself from the meeting & called back to her phone.

A gruff voice was heard on the other side ::This is Aparna's husband speaking. What the hell you think you are doing man.I will bash you up......

Akash switched off his mobile .Aparna had left behind her mobile that day at home & her hubby had gone through all the sms exchanges..

Akash thought to himself about their relationship..Was it an Oasis in their life or they were just chasing a mirage of happiness....