Sunday, September 23, 2007


Newspapers had reported of the moral policing in the beach.Right or wrong,who knows and why to break the head on that. That morning when I was driving on the beach road on the way to office,it was so empty that even a Sahara desert would have looked more crowded !

Living close to beach for past several decades one must say , its been one wonderful place to even out emotional turmoils..Having gone through a mixed marriage and living in a joint family in the agraharam, has been an experience by itself.While Kannamas Kolangal had themselves solved several issues,still when one needed to discuss out things,what could be a better place than the 5 minute drive to the beach with its sea kissed sands ever inviting one to melt away the worries.

Walking down on the sands to dip ones feet in the sea is a beautiful feeling.The occasional brushes of ones ,hand with that of the spouse ,gives out a message of compromise or a solution to the various issues which could not be discussed out in the one and a half room of a house! Many a time thousand words are conveyed without a word spoken.A thousand sorries exchanged in those few moments. A tear now and then ,a look into each others eyes perhaps was sufficient to convey the love and mutual respect.A walk back to the car or perhaps settling down on the sands ,the discussions were always objective and never were wrong..kind of a situation..Oh the beach walks how much we the sun ,under the moon, in the rains and perhaps even during the cyclone drenched times.Everytime we returned happy,happy and happy.The beach gave us ,a couple, opportunity to find a solution

Romance was always there in our eyes expressed as happiness.

Perhaps with the change of time, the beach has started giving different kind of meaning to people ,who among other things are not finding space to express..before and after marriage..never mind nature has given this beach to us to share our emotions.

Irundalum, Khajurahovin sirpangalukku beachil uyir kodukkamal,avaigalai irukka vendia idatthil irukka saidal nallado ena thondrugirathu.

Naan indru kaalayil beach vazhiyaga office sellum bodu,inge ange sila jodigal kannil patta podhu... nichhayamaga avargal Khajuraho Baniyil illai than...Adhu nicchhayamaga oru sandoshatthai koduthadhu.. Indrum,endrum Beach ora unarchi sidaralgal irundhu kondu than irukkindrana..oru thuli kanneril, oru siruppil.. andha jodigal unarchigalai parimaarikkollum bodhu .. oru chinna santhosham ennul..vaazhga indha sidaralgal ..avaigal than thooymayana kaadalukku uyir moochhu..Ivvalavu gedupidi irukkum podhum avargal ange varugiraargal endraal adhu avargalin pinaippai urudhi koorugirathu..vaazhga..andha sidaralgal..police kaarargale unmayana parimaralgalukku udaviyai irungal.thadangalaga illamal.ena vendu koludan



When I was young ie several decades back,we school kids used to go to beach in the late evenings and sleep off.This used to happen especially in summer holidays when our house used to be over crowded with guests.Around mid night the mounted police used to come and wake and drive us off ! Wonder if it was also part of moral policing .If so the Chennai police has not changed for decades isnt it

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kannammavin Kolangal

I was 15 when i landed up from one of the north indian cities bang into orthodox agraharam in chennai. Tamizh was difficult to follow and that too the sundara chennai thamizh was unique.
One of the first things which happened was the appointment of Kannamma as our house maid.Never had heard of a name like that and i was curious to see the person. A 4ft nine inches tall with pox scarred face ,i was frightened to see her.Perhaps she knew that for she must have got used to it by now for people were perhaps looking at her with aruvaruppu in their looks.She must have been well past 50 then.

Every morning I used to wake up and see the beautiful kolangals drawn by her.Each day it used to be an unique one and the size depended on the day and on auspicious days larger ones. The designs and complexity so intricate it was mind boggling. Come Margazhi our house used to be cynosure in the area because of Kannammas Kolangal.
Years rolled by i shunted betwee hostels and later after completing my studies all over the country before falling in love with one of the most enchanting girl with whom I got married.We had our wonderful life peppered with its own skirmishes and some times almost to the point of no return.

One such day after a virtual showdomn between us,we were sitting and talking with Kannamma about her life. as she was drawing the kolam.She laughingly told us that her husband was a drunkard and would return late night only to get more money from her.He knew that kannamma was working in many houses through out the day and was earning well by her standards! She used to part with a little money to him and hid the rest for her children and grand children. This itself seemed to be an achievement and she was beaming. When I told her what a worthless husband she had, she refused to accept it saying that he was a good man but just gone astray and he can go no where but come back to her only.What a confidence I thought.She added with a pause...,he is a wonderful person with some short comings.I also have my short comings does he not adjust with me.we have an understanding and we go on with life and our happines lies in our children and grand children. Though he snatches my money away ,even after he is drunk, he never forgets to bring sweets for my grand children.He is a kind hearted person..

My wife and me exchanged glances..what was this enigma Kannamma..She seems to be taking on life seamlessly as beautiful as the kolangal..Her kolangal never were only with straight lines.The dots were connected by straight lines and beautiful curves .Were the dots representing the years, the straight lines the rigidities and the curves the flexiblity in life.? Kannamma gave us a new meaning to lead life.The bigger her kolangals more were the curves.Perhaps thats the reason why her art was well admired. The life looked grander thru these lovely patterns.Kannamma never did a rangoli for perhaps they were expensive. She kept it just black and white, simple but intricate.

Kannammas kolangal were a lesson in our life .Whenever we had our misunderstandings we used to look for curves and not straight lines

Afterall Kolangal should never lead to Alamkolam

ps. By then Kannamma completed her kolam and lifted her head to see us, she had a meaningful smile on her face..Perhaps she knew we had tensions and perhaps she had contributed in resolving it with her Kolangal !!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A vibrant Woman

Hillary Clinton while describing her assistant Huma..


She has the energy of a woman in 20s,the confidence of a

woman in30s,the experience of a woman in her 40s,the grace of a woman in her 50s. She is timeless,her

combination of poise,kindness and intelligence are matchless,and I am lucky to have had her on my team...


I thought this description of a woman was splendid but then I think every woman falls in this category of

description and if only the husbands realised this, every family would be living and leading a wonderful life !!


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Romance over Career

There used to be a commercial Coffee or Toffee...A guy eating a toffee gets confused as to what he is with chocolate flavour or chocolate with toffee flavour... many of the purported scientific studies remind me of that. For example one report says coffee is good for health and another follows in a few months saying coffee is bad for health. and tha story goes's/reports each almost contradicting one another.

This mornings Times of India has a report..Men choose romance over career! ! i.e Men more than woman,may sacrifice their career,education, and other ambitions for a romantic relationship.!!

Funny it sounds for its quite different from the common notion women rule by heart and men by their physical attributes.

Any comments on this study would make it more interesting I guess..any takers

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