Sunday, September 23, 2007


Newspapers had reported of the moral policing in the beach.Right or wrong,who knows and why to break the head on that. That morning when I was driving on the beach road on the way to office,it was so empty that even a Sahara desert would have looked more crowded !

Living close to beach for past several decades one must say , its been one wonderful place to even out emotional turmoils..Having gone through a mixed marriage and living in a joint family in the agraharam, has been an experience by itself.While Kannamas Kolangal had themselves solved several issues,still when one needed to discuss out things,what could be a better place than the 5 minute drive to the beach with its sea kissed sands ever inviting one to melt away the worries.

Walking down on the sands to dip ones feet in the sea is a beautiful feeling.The occasional brushes of ones ,hand with that of the spouse ,gives out a message of compromise or a solution to the various issues which could not be discussed out in the one and a half room of a house! Many a time thousand words are conveyed without a word spoken.A thousand sorries exchanged in those few moments. A tear now and then ,a look into each others eyes perhaps was sufficient to convey the love and mutual respect.A walk back to the car or perhaps settling down on the sands ,the discussions were always objective and never were wrong..kind of a situation..Oh the beach walks how much we the sun ,under the moon, in the rains and perhaps even during the cyclone drenched times.Everytime we returned happy,happy and happy.The beach gave us ,a couple, opportunity to find a solution

Romance was always there in our eyes expressed as happiness.

Perhaps with the change of time, the beach has started giving different kind of meaning to people ,who among other things are not finding space to express..before and after marriage..never mind nature has given this beach to us to share our emotions.

Irundalum, Khajurahovin sirpangalukku beachil uyir kodukkamal,avaigalai irukka vendia idatthil irukka saidal nallado ena thondrugirathu.

Naan indru kaalayil beach vazhiyaga office sellum bodu,inge ange sila jodigal kannil patta podhu... nichhayamaga avargal Khajuraho Baniyil illai than...Adhu nicchhayamaga oru sandoshatthai koduthadhu.. Indrum,endrum Beach ora unarchi sidaralgal irundhu kondu than irukkindrana..oru thuli kanneril, oru siruppil.. andha jodigal unarchigalai parimaarikkollum bodhu .. oru chinna santhosham ennul..vaazhga indha sidaralgal ..avaigal than thooymayana kaadalukku uyir moochhu..Ivvalavu gedupidi irukkum podhum avargal ange varugiraargal endraal adhu avargalin pinaippai urudhi koorugirathu..vaazhga..andha sidaralgal..police kaarargale unmayana parimaralgalukku udaviyai irungal.thadangalaga illamal.ena vendu koludan



When I was young ie several decades back,we school kids used to go to beach in the late evenings and sleep off.This used to happen especially in summer holidays when our house used to be over crowded with guests.Around mid night the mounted police used to come and wake and drive us off ! Wonder if it was also part of moral policing .If so the Chennai police has not changed for decades isnt it


Ms.Congeniality said...

I love to play in the waters of the beach..when I was in Chennai I lived quite close to the beach :)
I loved going to the beach with my friends too..

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ms C
Its still fun.Only the crowds are sometimes making a mess of it by littering.But the beauty is the same.
Do visit again


Mr.X said...

arumai.. mikka arumai... liked your style of writing.. plain simple...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ Mr X
Thanks.Life too is simple.isnt it.Only that many a times we manage to get into knots !!
Meendum Varuga

m.flowerr said...

wht does the caption mean??? 'beach.......'
btw an interesting write-up minus tamil;)'coz i dont follow it!

PurpleHeart said...

Yea, Chennai beaches have been a source of shelter for quite a heavy bunch of crowd. I personally LOVE the Besant Nagar Beach !! Hey, Thanks for stopping over my page !

Mystery said...

wow thats a very impressive post about the beach...
u reminded me of my days back in chennai...i miss it..:(

anusha said...

sigh... yup beach is the place to unwind n relax....even though the policing especially during festive occasions (last new yr i couldn't get in cause of the policing and it was just 5 in the evening !!!!) ....... its still a great place to hang out... minus the litter too .... but once the breeze enters ur hair n the smell of hot bajji takes over ...there's no place better to be in

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

U have a nice blog and "No unsolicited advises will be given!" This was very impressive... :)
Thanks for dropping by and letting me know the existence of a nice page!

Have a nice day,

Vidya said...

I am from Madras too and ahh love the thought of the beach! I will be visiting India after a long stint and am looking forward to every second of it! :D

Thank you for dropping by my blog!


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Thanks a lot for nice words.pls do visit

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Great.Beach is a great alluring place.
welcome to India.Tks for visiting

venus66 said...

Very impressive. Wish to visit the beautiful beaches in India one day. :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Thanks for the visit.Do visit India and Chennai.Its just beautiful

Aarthi said...

Lucky u...staying near the beach..How was Tsunami???

Compassion Unlimitted said...

When it did hit,Just patches of water upto the road.never realised the impact.And when phone calls started coming from all over the world,the impact sank in and one could only pray for the departed souls and the mercy showed on lucky ones like us.Tks aarthi