Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pour Out

Most of the times in life just pouring out or sharing relieves one of the lifes pressures. A calm descends on oneself leading to happiness.
So if you are under pressure and just want to pour it out do it here . It may help.If you need opinions you could ask for it. Take it or leave it. You may not even need an opinion !just pouring out would have solved your pressures.

So why wait..Go on..share

Compassion Unlimitted (CU )



Compassion is the need of the hour. sadness in people is unwarrented.It should be smile smile and smile aii the way

I belong to Tamil Nadu,a conservative southern state of India. Even here i find unhappiness among youngsters, young couples not being able to understand each other and finally even parting ways. Donno if this is necessary. All that is required by these youngsters is compassion. Can i BE A FACILITATOR. This question has been in my mind for long. why not ?

Being past 50 and a widower with grown up kids who stay away from me i have lot of time in hand. So why not I start this blog where youngsters perhaps can pour out and take the pressure off themselves. Perhaps I could be of some use.! No i dont want to be an adviser, perhaps can only lend my ear. Many a time this itself works and is sufficient. Who wants advises these days anyway.

Thats how this site has been created perhaps to begin with for the Tamils and hope its put to good use

Take care

Compassion Unlimitted