Thursday, August 7, 2008


Her blue eyes were amazingly beautiful.She was sitting there all alone in that corner table in what appeared to be a coffee shop right in midst of the huge department store.Perhaps she sensed my eyes were on her and gave a casual glance.Did I catch a smile ,I donno.I went past her,and I thought she was still smiling.

I had left India,barely three weeks back,and had been appointed in this giant of a Japanese company.They had given me a lovely apartment ,facing the famous Lake Biwa. Being a specialist in Dioxin in the field of Environmental Engineering ,me getting this job was a cakewalk.I knew by Japanese yardstick,my job would be ,lifetime assured.

Strange place,strange language and in spite of all these,I thought I belonged here.I fitted in there as a glove.The three weeks just flew off and today was the day when I decided to explore the neighbourhood,and where did I land.The girl with the blue eyes just drew my thoughts to her again & again.I wanted to walk away from that scene and did precisely that. A confirmed bachelor and at 38 never thought I will get attracted to a girl.She must be very young,not more than 20,what the heck! why is the thought going back to her.

Being from a conservative family,hordes of relatives always at home,both from fathers side and mothers side,a perinial competiton,who brought in more relatives,often culminated in fights between Mom &Dad,left me peaceless.Sisters in law problems were overpowering too..All this made me disgusted to the extent I decided I will never marry.It had gone into the psyche too much.

Back to the room,the disturbance caused by her Blue eyes was distracting me from everything I did.I was wondering if I would ever meet her again.The week passed by with Dioxin keeping me busy,but that saturday I wanted to go back to the deparment store.It was like old times,in younger days going to the temple on specific days and waiting for the heart throbs or crushes to appear ! Will she be there.

I knew it .She would be there.Sitting on a corner seat just like the previous week.The red tops & blue jeans made her look ravishing.Her eyes met mine & this time I knew I had to say at least a Hi.In a typical Indians hesitating way I approached her and out came a feeble Hi.With her smile still there she offered me a seat.We spoke for sometime and this continued for some days.I decided ,I would invite her home.It took me one hell of an effort to utter those words:: Can I take you home? ;;
Again the smile,You have to ask mama san,pointing to the elderly lady taking care of the payment counter.By that time I had bought couple of things in the Deparment store,for which I had to pay up.So here was the oppurtunity I thought.As I stood at the counter, I built up a small conversation,& then finally asked mama san,if I could take her girl out.Mama san perhaps knew by this time about my fatal attraction,still kept a straight face and asked,Who Kumiko ? I answered yes. She became a little serious and said ,kumiko is a wonderful girl.Please take care of her.

Surely mama san.She handed over the bill to me and I paid out.

I was bubbling with joy and perhaps Kumiko too.Literally jumped across to her and told her we could move out of that place.Carrying all the packets,we walked across to the car and drove down home.

The excitement of taking Kumiko was too much for me.Opened the door ,in the true chivalrous way made kumiko enter the house first.In my excitement I was not sure if she entered the house with her right leg in .Who cares,she is home.Closed the door behind.Told Kumiko to make herself comfortable,and dropped the packets in kitchen & in bed room.

Kumiko had made herself comfortable on the couch.She was looking absolutely ravishing.The tug she gave me,when I went past her ,gave a hard knock on my Brahmacharyam,which I had religiously protected all these years.

Kumiko : I am feeling a little exhausted honey.

Me :: Dont worry sweetheart,when I am around,I will charge you up totally.Just give me few minutes.Lemme freshen up.

In five minutes flat I was back to her,She looked a tired kitten.She wanted me next to her.Sat next to her,not knowing what to do next, held her hands.Surprisingly,it was slightly cold.Dont worry sweetheart,in just few seconds I will warm you up , I thought to myself.

Me:: how do I go about it sweety, err ,Kumiko..As I told you ,this is my first time,you have to guide me

Kumiko :: Just unbutton my blouse ,and dont waste time please.Her half closed eyes looked lovely.

Me :: Easier said than done, I thought to myself as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse ,with unexplainable excitement.

And there it was .....the control panel where I had to stick the electrical cord in to Charge her Exhausted batteries

KUMIKO WAS AN EMOTIBOT ( A ROBOT WITH EMOTIONS ) WHO MIMICKED EVERY ACTION OF A HUMAN MINUS THE TICKLISH ISSUES OF LIFE ..AND BESIDES THEY COULD BE PROGRAMMED TO SUIT ONES LIKING TOO...It was year 2020,when more men & women wanted emotibot as lifetime companions devoid of tensions of & in life

( This story is dedicated to the wonderful writer Late Mr Sujatha )