Friday, February 29, 2008



Engum goshangal.....(Everybody is chanting )

Kannaji swamiji..Kannaji swamiji...Kannaji swamiji..Kannaji swamiji

Athu than ennudaya tharpodaya roobam ...(Its my current identity)

Manadhil ninaivalaigal..(procession of thoughts in my mind )

After slogging for 30 long years, got my two kids married off pretty early in life.Both settled in a distant foreign country..With my better half bidding me bye several years years back..the nomad in me surfaced..I wanted to travel, travel and travel..Resigned the job,gave off all the useful things to an orphanage..with that only few things connecting my past remained such as my degree certificate etc..I decided these were mere papers in my life and quickly disposed them off in the river and along with it my past..Turning back one last time at my single room HOUSE,which had seen a 30 year history of me and my family, I walked towards my destiny which was waiting patiently for me several hundred kilometers away..

With no clear cut plan I hopped between cities but just ensured that I covered most of the heritage places and the periniel rivers..The grandness of our country was overwhelming me often..nights invariably spent in Dharamsalas or in smaller villages in the temples..If the place was to my liking I used to enjoy staying for a longer time..Athithi Devo Bhava (Visitor is like God )pervaded everywhere and never had any problem for food or shelter.

Kaalam ,was an enchanting place of a size between a village and a small town.On the outskirts was a temple which hypnotised me to stay back.My beard had by then become long and flowing.It was in this temple the transformation occured..

One day , I was sitting in a corner and praying .When I opened my eyes,an elderly couple were sitting in front of me.They gently asked me if I belonged to south and what I was doing this far away from my hometown..I dont know why I said that but I said two things..My name is Karuppanna sami and Kanna moochi aadaren,( playing hide and seek..).

The elderly person suddenly was highly thrilled and he exclaimed..Sir you are Kanna ji swami and hiding the past and seeking God..he was ecstatic...but I never said any of those words !! He took leave of me and next day to my surprise,he brought his whole family and perhaps relatives( 20 of them ) with varieties of fruits etc.Sitting in front of me they started singing bhajans.Being God fearing I also enjoyed ..This continued for few days but the crowd went on increasing..Because language was a barrier, most of the time I replied questions with a nod or a smile..perhaps that was why Kannaji Swamiji was also called as Mouni Baba..I had no escape from the love of people .It occured to me one day..if so many people had so much love for me why not reciprocate and stay with them..After all life is giving love and taking love..That decision of mine was my past forgotten till this moment...

As I shook myself back to the current ,

Kannaji swamiji..Kannaji swamiji...Kannaji swamiji..Kannaji swami was the only thing I could hear...

and the never ending lawns of MY Ashram is the thing I could see,

Did I want to be a nomad or a Sanyasi ?

A question sweeps though me

Am I a sanyasi or A swamiji..Is there a difference

This village KAALAM is giving me an answer but is this the answer in totality

If others see Godlinees in you,you become a Swamiji

If you realise the God in you,you become one !



THE BEGINNINING......take off from a beautiful yester year movie..The Guide

Monday, February 11, 2008


Hi Honey,how are you da, I have just reached Narita..I should be reaching Chennai tomorrow night ..said Rajesh

Why tomorrow night da,its been a week already..said Suparna

Not getting the connecting at Changi da,Can you take the trouble of making a room booking in the transit hotel at Changi .You know its eternally under renovation and on arrival I may not get accomodation.I just want to rest for sometime there da.Please..

Come on why dont you ask your pet secretary Anju to do it,I am sure you would be talking to her every halh an hour ,on some pretext or other

Come on honey,ever since she joined the company you have been pulling my legs

Sure da will do the booking.Still, please make a last minute attempt to make it by the earlier flight da..missing you one hell

Same here too da

Suparna and Rajesh,a wonderful couple,both working very hard to achieve what they deserve.Dinks by choice,they were looked upon as ideal couple by all and sundry.Always full of fun and laughter,snatching time for themselves between their busy schedules and endless travel.

Recently Suparna had joined a MNC and was literally drowned in work 20 hours a day and Rajesh busy expanding his business in Japan. Suparna was slightly uncomfortable with the behaviour of her boss Praramb and had mentioned this to Rajesh .Her boss made her uncomfortable by asking many personal questions and sort of acting fresh ,but was well short of what could be called as harrasment..Her saviour was her peer Rohit who understood her problems and often doubled up and completed some of her assignments very subtly.Suparna was grateful to him.She was particularly worried when she was travelling with her boss,but fairly comfortable travelling with Rohit.

Of late she felt she was being stalked but couldnt clearly make out who it was.She started imagining it could be Praramb. She confided in Rajesh about her discomfort.Rajesh assured her that it was purely figment of her imagination arising out of her dislike for her boss,who was much elder to her and wouldnt be doing such a thing ,especially when awareness was on penalty for harrasment was high.

One day Suparna confided this to her best friend in office Renu and good friend Rohit.He adviced her to ignore it and these things would get solved by themselves.
Renu ,said her brother being a senior officer in crime branch of police and it would be best if she took his suggestion.Rohit was uncomfortable with the idea and felt involvement of police would not be advisable.Suparna being a modern girl wanted to hold the bull by its horn and requested Renu to go ahead discussing it with her brother.

The next morning Suparna left for Hydrabad,and as she was returning back to chennai,she again felt she was being stalked but really couldnt pin point who it was.
The next two days in Chennai,she didnt have any respite.

As she was drowned in her work,late in the evening Renu walked in and sat across..

Suparna,my brother called up .

Its like this,its true this guy has been stalking you.They caught hold of him and took a confessional statement from him......

Suparna thought to herself,so it was true and as Renu continued the monolog she was drained off her energy..

Realising her state Renu dropped her home.

Back at home ,lying on the couch ,the entire thing was going in her mind again and again...


Rajesh had hired a private detective agency to keep a tab on Suparna..and when the police arrested the shadow man, he let out everything