Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a Raja & A Raja's

Generally I am not into politics but being an Indian how can I not follow politics & get triggered by it. Oxymoron stuff !!

Ours is a Strange country , full of Paradoxes which makes life a lot more interesting ,talking useless nothings.For we are Indians ,we take life as it comes & move on leaving everything to destiny ,if at all one such thing exists.

There is a Raja who sits on over One Lakh crore worth of treasure ,knowing fully well if it is transferred to Swiss bank none will know & for generations they simply have to have a laid back attitude & fooling people in the National game called Politics .But they chose to do business on Pepper & other such spices, since that was the directive given to them centuries back .

And then there is A. Raja who knew exactly where the pile of One lakh crore was & ensured it was siphoned off to far away lands & himself lands in Tihar, perhaps for few days or months ,till the heat subsides ,for our focus will be turned away by our own Hyper active TRP driven channels ,many of which have been mouth pieces of many A Rajas & their Bosses.

National debates on so called National channels will ensure the One lakh crore treasure ,which the "POOR " Raja has been safe gaurding for centuries, is Brought into the SAFE hands of Politicians who will ensure ,they are kept safe , but in Switzerland or in some obscure island .They will also get huge support from New fad of Candle light bearing brigade ,who will contribute more carbon to the atmosphere & add money to the coffer of candle manufacturers

Let me conclude saying he is not a Raja but The Raja ,who safe guards public property as Public property.Hats off, Travancore Rajas

long live India , mera Bharath mahan


Sh@s said...

Sarcasm at its best. Maybe thats the only thing left for us other than watch the drama helplessly. Liked your lines,
"They will also get huge support from New fad of Candle light bearing brigade ,who will contribute more carbon to the atmosphere & add money to the coffer of candle manufacturers".
It is strange that even the civil society wakes up or reacts only to particular cases. Cases of ordinary and poor hardly rouse their interest which keeps happening almost everyday.

Compassion Unlimitted said...


TrueSh@s.Sometimes it brings to the fore the auto Pilot mode which our country is Drifting. who is in control :Government ,Supreme Court , civil society ,politicians or Vested interests from overseas who want to keep the pot boiling for yet another version of East india co to take control of whatever is left of this great country

ceedy said...

Agree with the above blogger - Sarcasm at its best. The crux is we are all brought up to cultivate the My and I syndrome - but never encouraged to spread Our you think a satyagraha movement from all the middle class like not paying taxes at all to the govt would work....

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome friend.. I donno what happened to me when I poured out this triggered me.. Well I wish it works as you rightly said everybody lives in this I / ME world..We need a leader a benevolent leader..When I scan the horizon even a mirage of a leader doesnt appear ,what a sad state to this wonderful country.. Middle class ,sadly is not an united force.. so guess we have live with the mess for few more decades..unfortunately my generation & the previous ons are the culprit & we cannot turn clock back..

ceedy said...


What happened to you is that the guy only "khau" - that made you irritated ;)

I don't think we can blame any generation - what are we doing today - just being active on social agenda on social networks...the day Mumbai Blast took place every dormant Facebooker vented his so called "frustration" - a week later Nada...

Anonymous said...

Fully share ur sentiments. Look at the latest circus in Karnataka. They are all talking about resignation and not prosecution.

K Raghunathan

venus66 said...

Thank you for your warm visit.A nice write to ponder. Take care.