Friday, April 11, 2008

The Cactus Blooms...Concluding Part

Kaal called up SI Manikkavel

Kaal :: Manikkavel,I quickly need the locations of Samaj's various addresses in the city and want you to check the marriages to be conducted by them tomorrow. If possible find out the time schedule of the various marriages.

SI :: Yes Sir ,Give me 10 minutes I will report to you sir

SI called up the control room and sought the information from them.They in turn flashed the message and in next few minutes the complete address information was available. But keeping up the tradition of maintaining confidentiality, samaj refused to divulge names and time of marriages.

SI Manikkavel :Sir all the information on location is available but we could not get the details of the marriages since they maintain the confidentiality.There are only three places ,sir

KAAL :: Then we have to arrange for the raid party.Please arrange for it.

SI Manikkavel :: Sir,I have a small request .Tomorrow I have a very important family marriage to attend and Muhurtham is between 7and 8 am.I will attend it and immediately rush..

KAAL :: If it's muhurtham for you ,it will be the same elsewhere.By the time you report for duty,it will all be over.Don't worry I will take charge directly.Please inform control room to advice the respective police stations to assist us.

He still was not sure if the terrorist angle was correct.From the call printouts which Yama had brought along,he wanted to talk directly to Chattisgarh number.Upon calling he realised,it was a genuine quarry contract the boy had been working on.
He wanted to call off the Terrorist Look Out Notice and informed the control room.He shared the news with happiness with Yama.

D -1 ::: 1130 pm

Arumugham calls Appasamy and conveys all the developments.All of them heaved a sigh of relief. Now, at best, it could be a case of kidnapping which could be handled legally.

At the same time ,as Kaal was driving back home with Yama,he realised that Yama wanted to pursue the case ,also he had not yet received any confirmation on the change in action plan from his bosses.

Kaal decided to go along with Yama and calls up control room and informs raid parties to be ready by 6 AM at the three venues.

D - 0 ::: 330 am

Appasamy picks up Aish and Raaj and rushes to the venue.He wanted everything to be completed at the earliest and vacate the place and surrender.He looked at Aish and found her so serene,calm and composed.He felt bad that her parents were missing the marriage

D - 0 ::: 430 AM

The venue is just filled with few dozen people and the couple looked so lovely in their traditional attires.Both were beaming with happiness.Somewhere Appasamy again felt very sad for the girl ,who had left behind everything for the sake of love.The serenity in her face was so wonderful ,for a moment he thought of her as DEVI herself.

His mobile rang.It was Arumugham.

Arumugham : Ayya,the raid time is fixed for 6 AM. Please complete everything fast and vacate the place.I will give you a ring when they are 15 mins away from your place.and a second ring when they are 5 mins away.That outstation cop is still treating this as a terrorist case,hence be careful.If anything happens please surrender,never argue with him.It will help the couple.

Appasamy : Thank you Arumugham.You are a good hearted person and want to unite a young couple. God bless you.

D - 0 ::: 5 AM

Anthony Kaal wakes up and finds Yama already all set for the call of duty.This guy will never change he thought to himself. Yama hurried him to get ready.

The function started.. The first was converting her.Aish became Aishwarya and signed the document

Immediately after that the marriage function formally began. It was 510 AM. Appasamy was praying that the priest would go on a fast forward.He had already informed the priest of the urgency.The normal duration was one hour,Appasamy wanted it to be conducted in 30 mts.

Priest started explaining,the KANNIGADHANAM,as the first step.The father of the girl is supposed to give away the girl to the boy as a Dhan.The role of parents was taken over by Raaj's sister and Brotherin law. He was anxious that Aishwarya understood and in his own pace explained it in English and in his sanskritised broken Hindi.

Aishwarya apparently was enjoying it.Appasamy was on pins.He wanted to vacate the place by 530 at all costs,when it was still dark.It was already 520 AM.Aishwarya's serenity was so Godly,it helped him to calm down.He wondered whether she was aware of the impending danger.

The priest started explaining the second step,PAANIGRAHANAM,which signified the promise made by the couple to be together in life and keep each other happy.Again the explanation both English and hindi.

D - 0 ::: 530 AM

Anthony Kaal and Yama got into the Jeep along with his Gunman.They contacted the control room to check the readiness of the raid party. All set...

The priest started the third and final step ie the sapthapadi..the seven steps and each step signifying the guiding principles of life.

The mobile in Appasamys pocket vibrated. He knew he had totally run out of time..

The way it was going ,the explanation for the seven steps would easily take at least 7 minutes and after that rushing out would mean straight onto the face of the cops.There was no way the function could be curtailled at this juncture ..

The formal marriage got solemnised in the next few minutes and the registers signed by witnesses.

The only other way,a thought flashed across,as soon as the marriage was over, switch another couple in their place and and hide them off in the small anteroom.
He precisely did it and the phone vibrated the second time. 5 minutes, he thought ,was going to be long.

He had substituted Raaj's younger sister and brother in law, who had got married just few months back . He requested the priest to recite normal slokas.Tension was writ on everyones face and they tried their best to hide it.

In walked Kaal,Yama and his gunman.They had a look around,and as they turned around in disappointment,Anthony kaal noticed that the bride was wearing a toe ring,Metti,which was sported only by married woman.He hesitated for a moment and then briskly walked away.

As soon as their heads disappeared the happiness returned to everyones face.In two minutes the groom and the girl took everyones blessings and were taken away by Appasamy through the numerous lanes and by lanes .

After roaming around for several hours in the car,they went to the magistrates place and surrendered.

Kaal was called in to interrogate and in just few minutes he realised it was a sweet end to a beautiful love story.Aishwarya was called seperately by Yama to find out if she married Raaj willingly which she confirmed.Kaal wished them the best of luck.Aishwarya and Yama spoke for few minutes in their language and both seemed very happy with whatever they exchanged.

Yama meanwhile had also received the communication from his bosses that the boy was clear and no way connected to terrorism,and he finally looked at the development nonchalently.

Appasamy could not get over the fact that Aishwarya had the courage to face it all and never showed any sort of unhappiness of missing her people.He realised she was a very mature girl and they all had to learn many things from her.

As he started moving away from the scene one thing haunted him.Why cant we all be mature enough to co-exist and look at conversions as a horrible thing.Would it have been possible for Raaj and Aishwarya to marry maintaining their own respective religion.Would the society be accepting such a situation.What would happen to their children ?Would the society be accepting such a situation ?Was it mature enough?The calm composure maintained by Aishwarya was an eye opener for him.

As they came out Kaal and Yama had a good laugh at the of events and decided to take the rest of the day easy since Yama's return flight was only at 6 pm.Yama called up home and shared the deveopments with his wife .Finally his wife requested him to buy couple of famous silk sarees from T Nagar.When yama requested Kaal, he said the best person to help, would be his wife.So they drove back to Kaal's house.

As he entered his house Anthony Kaal called out to his wife

Kaal :: Saraswathi,Saraswathi,look who has come.My good friend Yama and he wants your help.Before that,I need a clarification.When do South Indian Hindu woman wear the toe ring : after the marriage or during ?. Saraswathi explained,Anthony Kaal burst out laughing.He knew he got fooled at the marriage hall.or did he delibrately overlook it,though he had spotted it !!

Anthony fell in love with Saraswathi years back and after all kind of resistance both got married but retained their respective religious identity.They decided not to have a kid since they didnt want each of them to influence the kid on religion.
So all along this episode of Raaj and Aishwarya,perhaps his love marriage and its difficulties were running in the back of his mind and he perhaps played soft on the issue and wanted the marriage to happen!!. For example he could have posted a policeman right thru the night at the marriage venue,but he didnt.He looked fondly at Saraswathi and told her about the incident. Both shared a beautiful feeling that it ended well !!Perhaps a repeat of their marriage with more of action in between !!

So in the end Appsami and Anthony Kall, who were very tough persons in their own respective beliefs crumbled before true love.Both of them like the CACTUS had a lot of thorn around them,but now BLOOMED in all splendour of the goodness.

D :: + 7 ::: RAAJ'S house

Raaj,Aishwarya,his father and mother enjoying the Sunday at home.Being Non vegetarian day,Raaj's father had bought good Mutton.As Raaj's mother started to move towards the kitchen,Aishwarya,jumped up saying she would cook the best Briyani for the family.Both Raaj and his father also liked the idea and supported it.
Raaj's mother gave a reasonably stern look at them and said it would be better that Aishwarya rested as she must be tired after a late night movie of the previous day.. (heart of heart she thought to herself::after all she knew the taste of Raaj and her father better ).

message conveyed..Kitchen domination was mother in laws prerogative and the daughter in law rather wait...

and thus started the mother in law ::daughter in law episode which will go on forever and ever......


Everything in this Story is a fertile imagination from my head..except for...I leave it to your guess !!! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR P A T I E N C E


c e e d y said...


kahai ghar ghar ki

I really the use of D- and D+ and also how when it was D-1 the time moves forward....

very interesting way of writing......

and just a question what happened to the honeymoon - was it on D+6 days long :(

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@c e e d y
Honeymoon !! Poor things,in reality,her brother from Delhi and Father from NE landed up and with a hoards of local relatives .
it was close to fist fights,luckily the police and judiciary put their foot down.All along,The girl stood firm
These happened from D 0 to D +6

..honeymoon perhaps became HONEY MOAN


Prats said...

Wow!!! This was a neat end to a very gripping story. Like dthe positivity you've blended into this.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Thanks Prats..for a change no twists..

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha...

Punch dialogue was superb... Kitchen domination was mother in laws prerogative and the daughter in law rather wait

Anonymous said...

Dear CU,


I can understand.
Not only your story is horrible you continue your story if somebody asks the question :-(...
Then I can understand how horrible story writer you are :-).
Hey bhagwan what a story :-(!
I did not get whats the end, whats the beginning, whats the middle :-(!
What a story :-)!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome..First time I guess..

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@Anonymous said...
Welcome..Anonymous ...
Thanks for the comments..Agreed ,leading questions do affect the thought process..But then I write to unwind myself..and so it hardly matters to me
Thanks for passing by and please do come if you feel like,anytime

Anonymous said...

I don't know.
Only God knows I will come or not :))!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Choice and decision is perfectly yours and one respects that..

AaYuShI said...

Neat,nice and a pretty gripping story.

Preety nice blog. :)
Keep the good work up..!!



Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome AaYuShI..First time I guess..Happy to note you liked it too.
Will definitely come over to your blog
Tks again

m.flowerr said...

Another Wow....and an amazing end!

I alwaz prefer a happy ending and you did it very well!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ m.flowerr
Welcome,As I had replied to Ceedy,everything ended well,in real life too
Thanks for nice words

Vidya said...

Awww, I am sorry. But I had been on a hiatus for a while and had missed reading earlier parts of this story! I will read them and comment in sequence!


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome Vidya ..long time..Take your time..this is just a time pass and no deadlines as a project!!..Have a great time
Thanks for passing by

Suma said...

nice a gripping story

what's next?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome Suma ..What next..thats a nice question..Wish I was as prolific as you youngsters..A breather for

Ziah said...

Hahaha... and I was imagining a shootout and what not!:) I'm such a filmy person!:) Nice innings!:)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome Ziah ..Shoot outs !!lol
Sometimes no twist itself looks like a it not?
Thanks for being here snatching some time in between your Goa trips !!

Curious said...

:D :D :D Happy ending..An that makes me happy! :D

Mil - DIL vela verayaa... :)) :))

Good finish CU! :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ Curious
LOL..thanks Curious
MIL:DIL modal illada vaazhkai oru vaazhkaiya..Athu than oorgai

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

Hello CU Sir,

//Awww, I am sorry. But I had been on a hiatus for a while and had missed reading earlier parts of this story! I will read them and comment in sequence!//

ditto.. courtesy: vidya.. lol :)

belated tamil new year wishes.. hope you are fine and enjoying..

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

btw, congrats on completing the story!!

anits said...

hi CU....its happy ending...make me happy also...congrats for the wonderful story...have a great day

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@Raghavan alias Saravanan M
Vaanga vaanga..What happened &where did you vanish ?
Now that you are back one can definitely expect your creativity and critical comments to flow out like the periniel Ganges
Welcome again

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ anits
Welcome anits..and thanks for the words..looks the world prefers Happy endings to contrast the real life which has the tensions in abundance
Thanks again

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Oru story mudinju pochu pola irukey :)
Will read soon and comment on it :D
How r u? :)

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...


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Suma said...

hey...u disappeared again!! gone story hunting??

Gayatri said...

whew! good one! =D

you've put in sooo many details! too cool, really too cool! =)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@Ponnarasi Kothandaraman
welcome hows the shuttling going on between hydrabad & Bangaluru..find time to update ur blogs too

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@Priya Venkatakrishnan
oops..I donno when ever I am going to reply far never have done one

Compassion Unlimitted said...

wish I could blog as often As I could,but sometimes I have to work too for my bread !!
So when is your India Trip ?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

welcome Gayatri..and thanks for the words.. I only hope it was not too much !! lol

Sandhya said...

u have been tagged...

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

//Vaanga vaanga..What happened &where did you vanish ?//

Nandri Aiya.. inga thaan oru moolaila okkandhittu irundhean but insufficient focus of light i believe :P

//Now that you are back one can definitely expect your creativity and critical comments to flow out like the periniel Ganges//

My pleasure obviously! :)

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

First of all, congrats on the beautiful narration of your thoughts by maintaining the appropriate twists, suspense everywhere!

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

I read each part per day! :) and enjoyed the full swing of it!

It is a good story and i liked the concluding message. I expected the thoughts on love-eloped marriage vs society to get expanded a little more :) as i thought it would be your main theme of the story!

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

I could get the starting point of the suspense from when Raaj's uncle appasamy made the couple play indifferently. Experience speaks? lol :P.

Here the appasamy was an unrevealed character in the story..You thought it may not add any significance?

And the story behind the scene was guessed by me a little with the silent walk away by Kaal Anthony even after seeing the metti on swapped bride! :)

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

A special appreciations from my side on the naming conventions of the characters. especially to the cops. Yama, Kaal!! :) well suited to their profession or what? :P You could have named chithiragupta for the SI Manikkavel.. ! lol...

Thanks for the wonderful writeup which remained to be a proof of CU's stand!!

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

You can visit my other blog at wordpress ->

I also started writing story in tamil.. in my blogs for poem.. after a long gap, just posted the next part last week!

do visit when time permits!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ Sandhya
oops..I donno when ever I am going to reply far never have done one

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ Raghavan alias Saravanan M

1 )Twists..many had complained no trademark twists were lacking..thanks for the encouraging words

2 )Elaborating the story more would have brought in more brickbats ..already it had become like a mega serial I guess..

A Part a day was all that you yourself could manage ..isnt it

3 ) Sammy enna vittudunga..nadhi moolam Rishi moolam theriya vendaam
Kaal and metti..that is CACTUS BLOOMING isnt it

4 )naming of the to munch about..Chittra guptha thats a nice one

Thanks for the detailed analysis and thanks once again for the encouiraging comments
I will definitely visit your Tamizh blog too

m.flowerr said...

No new stories:)....btw, thanks for dropping by my blog!

ceedy said...

just passing by to say hello and thanking you to make me realise I lost my funny edge...

work takes its toll I guess :)

hope you are churning a new story

have a good day!

Pri said...

haha...aakhir mein diabetic ending ho hi gaya...good good! :D

yaa i know everything is fiction except for the saas bahu ki 'tu tu main main' which is a universal truth happening in every home :p


suvaiba said...

really i mean litreally gr88 one dear

ill take tym an try an read de 1 n 2 parts also

Compassion Unlimitted said...

endlessly mismanaging time..should sit down and write.thanks for passing by

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Your write up always have lot fun interwoven which I missed this time..never mind keep writing !!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hey what a surprise..You here after a long long time..Saas Bahu..its eternal and unversal ,I guess !!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

welcome..First time here I guess..Thanks for the nice words..You have a nice blog .

PreethZzZ said...

wow interesting... started somewhere ended somewhere else... but all was still related... interesting story... and my god... you wrote so much... how long did it take you to write?? i like the divisions...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Thank you PreethZzZ and welcome..honestly didnt take much time since most of it was real except the terrorist angle. !!
please keep passing by if you have the time.
You have a nice blog

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

hey,the story was really nice, as always!!. . .I promise i will buy all ur novels from one of those big shops(will pay the full price) instead of the pirated paper back ones if u ever turn into a novelist :-)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@Vishnupriya Janardhanan
Hi..that was a cute pirated,looks like sooner or later I have to compile and publish before some Kollywood guys use

Aarthi said...

Hey.....Atlast I got time to read the conclusion...:) Wanted to let u know what I liked the most about it
1.In jus 4 parts...what you've managed to cover is realy huge and I appreciate that effort and brain.
2.Starting in a chat room..ending with MIL n DIL confusions!!! good way to finish it....esp a happy ending(which I prefer)
3.I was holding my hands tight (which I realized only v late) when I was readin thru' as if I'm watching it live...:)

Overall Interesting+Good one...:)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

@ Aarthi
thank you thank you & thank
honestly the story continues in real life..donno if i should continue since as of now it doesnt look very happy

Vanjula said...

romba azhag ezuthi eruntheenga...:)) kadaisi linekku enna artham? :)onnume pirila ba!! :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Varugha..The actual core story is very true.But the Anti terrorist ,adhulaam konjam reel..But I just wanted to leave which is true which is imagination to the readers choice..Athunaala andha kadaisi line...Summa oru alambal..

Sowkyama,romba naal aachu