Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Cuckoo s Feast

                                              A DRAGON FLY ENJOYING THE SUN

                                                       MOUTH WATERING

                                           A CUCKOO TOO IS INTENTLY WATCHING

                                             SHIFTED ITS POSITION AND WAITING

                                                                EXPLORING OUT
                                                                  CAUGHT HIM
                              ( LOOK AT THE WAY THE CUCKOO TWISTS HIS HEAD ! )

                                              SAFELY HELD IN ITS BEAK



Sunday, October 14, 2012

What A Sunday

Sunday or no Sunday ,I go up to terrace to feed the crows, a habit of many years..The crows by now used to my this action perch up as soon as I open the door..Today two things happened ..Firstly I wanted to capture some moments with them on my camera..and oops not one crow was ready to grab the morsels of food I offer them...hmm...any how I placed the food and plonked myself to click away..after sometime one fella landed up and the second thing which on...
SUSPICIOUS...Hmm...At What I was holding in my hand...
What the Hell this guy is doing..crow looks asking
Anyhow let me go ahead with my Breakfast
As I lowered my camera and Looked up ::Whats this cat doing up on the Roof , I wonder
Aaha..Now I know why only one crow came for the rice I offer..there seems to be something for which they are waiting for..up there on the roof
Cat disturbed by Me..I wonder
Alert!!!Something in the Air !!Was it he ( the cat ) or they waiting for !!!
There he Breakfast, I almost heard the cat saying... Suddenly I remembered ,this morning I didnt hear or see my friend Squirrel at all...oh that means our friends and the crows are wanting to feast on the squirrel..predators..should I feel sad or thats the law of nature..Hmm
Now the cat was saying "let me not Hurry "
Oh my ,where did he vanish seemed to say
That instant, realising perhaps the Squirrel had slipped away, the second crow landed on my terrace for the leftover food
Can I or Cant't I
Suddenly the cat looked up at me and seemed to say" Hey man, so you are cause for my distraction"
Now ,what to do..the Breakfast seems to have slipped away
Its all because of you
What a Day, a Sunday at that..saying that the cat started moving away
A good twenty minutes later, as if nothing ever happened that sunday morning..I found the Sqirrel back on the Tree..Breakfast with Berries..what a life